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Everything I do comes from my passion for helping and empowering others to look and feel their best. With over three decades of diving into the artistry of makeup, I've spent the past eight years in the world of clean beauty, all while capturing custom portraits through my lens for an incredible fourteen years. What started as a side passion project has turned into an accidental business. Turning my love for clean beauty into a venture has been a wild ride, connecting with incredible women across the U.S. and Canada and helping them craft their own flexible and successful journeys. 


Whether doing in-person or virtual makeup lessons, taking compelling portraits, spreading the word on safer beauty, serving as a business mentor, or now playing the color expert, an all-things beauty maven, if you will!

I'm soaking up the joy of doing what I absolutely LOVE Every. Single. Day.

Peruse my site. Get to know me, my story.

What can we create together? 



  • Married my best friend, costume party, & concert partner 15 years ago. 

  • Mama bear to the sweetest most spirited child I know...he's a huge reason WHY I do what I do.

  • After seventeen years in Dallas, I've recently relocated to Timnath/Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • Proud to be a special mix of Filipino and Caucasian.

  • Elvis has been an obsession since I was a child.

  • I speak three languages - English, emoji, and memes.

  • I'm an extroverted-introvert.

  • Coffee is my love language.

  • I’m a music junkie with a special place in my heart for Depeche Mode and metal.

  • You can regularly find me lovingly walking the aisles of Target or Trader Joe's. 


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