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My Story

We've all got a story to tell.

I’m a clean beauty makeup artist + advocate, portrait photographer, and newly established color analyst. After seventeen years in Dallas, I’ve recently relocated to the incredibly stunning Fort Collins, Colorado. The allure of its weather, the warmth of its people, the breathtaking views, and the overall ambiance have captivated my family and me, making it our new home.

Makeup was the beginning of my love affair with all things creative. 

Makeup has been my lifelong love, with childhood memories of exploring my mother’s makeup drawer experimenting with Coty red lipstick, Cornsilk powder, and rosy blushes. As a Navy brat, my journey traversed the vast landscapes of the United States before finding a haven in the picturesque Northwest. Theatrical experiences in college kindled the flames of my passion for makeup, an art form where I reveled in manipulating light, depth, and facial contours.

After working as an actor in a few commercials and some theater, I felt the entertainment industry calling me, so naturally, Los Angeles beckoned. 

Venturing into the entertainment industry, Los Angeles beckoned, intertwining my acting pursuits with a parallel love for makeup artistry cultivated at retail counters, film/commercial sets, and assisting photographers. During this period in Los Angeles, I enriched my craft, exposing me to diverse skin types, features, and beautiful shades of human — a daily canvas for innovation. A move to Dallas, prompted by love and opportunity, marked the beginning of a new chapter, professionally and personally.

My heart called the shots on my next big move. 

In pursuit of new opportunities, my boyfriend—now my husband—received a job offer in Dallas. So, we bid farewell to the beaches, mountains, and the predictably pleasant California weather, creating a beautiful life for ourselves in the heart of Dallas. 2011, our world became even brighter as we welcomed our precious boy.


Upon landing in Dallas, I thought, why not blend my two passions—makeup artistry and photography? So, I snagged a camera and dove into the world of capturing beauty in every frame.  Luckily for me, it turned into more than just a gig—I built a fabulous and loyal client base for makeup application/lessons/tutorials, and my photography business took off, specializing in stunning beauty portraits and headshots. It’s been an absolute joy creating and freezing those unforgettable moments for the incredible people I’ve crossed paths with on this journey.

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My journey continued through oceans of cosmetics, three major surgeries in five years, and nuerodivergence.

Nine years ago, facing personal health challenges, including three major surgeries and the impact of neurodivergence on my family, I began exploring the influence of environmental factors, starting with personal care products. My journey into understanding what I applied to my skin mattered and prompted a quest for better choices. As someone passionate about beauty products and always in search of high-performing options, I transitioned to clean beauty. The discovery of Beautycounter fueled my mission to advocate for safer products, leading me to collaborate with them and other like-minded brands.

In January 2024 - I added a new service to my offerings - Color analysis — the process of determining the colors that best suit an individual’s natural coloring, to my repertoire, leveraging 30+ years of makeup artistry experience to guide clients in discovering their best colors. My ultimate mission is to empower women through the transformative experiences of makeup enhancement, clean beauty, portrait photography, and personalized color analysis.


Today, I count my lucky stars and pinch myself a lot. I find myself living my dream, dedicated to helping individuals not just look but truly feel their best. I’m on a mission to foster self-love and self-acceptance through the harmonious union of these transformative experiences. Grateful for my healthy family and the opportunity to pursue my passion, I’m here to celebrate the beauty in every person. I invite you to follow along via my blog as I help women embrace their ever-evolving selves through beauty, self-love, and acceptance.



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